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Electric Vehicle (EV)

In order to achieve the global vision of net zero emissions and sustainable development, the electrification of transportation has become the main goal of transportation transformations. Electric assisted bicycles, electronic bicycles, electric scooters, etc., are all leading trends of the transportation industry.

Not only that, electric public transportation is also one of the key projects to achieve transportation transformation. Taiwan's policy also announced that public transportation must be fully electrified by 2030. In 2022, Formosa Inc. and Master Trans. jointly established Master-Formosa Co., Ltd., to supply lithium titanate battery modules for Master Trans. electric buses, and become a member of Taiwan's electric bus national team’s supply chain.

In the wave of electric vehicle (EV) development, V2G (Vehicle to Grid) is set to become a mainstream market in the future. Currently, the typical use of electric vehicles involves receiving power from the grid for charging, referred to as G2V (Grid to Vehicle). However, when the power flow is reversed, and electricity is fed back from the electric vehicle to the grid, it's called V2G (Vehicle to Grid). This concept breaks through the limitation that electric vehicles are primarily seen as power consumers. With the use of batteries and bidirectional charging and discharging technology, electric vehicles can also serve as mobile energy storage units, effectively functioning as large-scale portable power sources or virtual power plants. This allows the stored energy in electric vehicles to be used as a supplementary power source for the grid.

For those who may not be ready to invest in standalone energy storage equipment, utilizing electric vehicle batteries in combination with charging stations that support bidirectional charging is another solution. During off-peak hours, excess electricity can be used to charge electric vehicles, and during peak hours, electricity can be supplied back to the grid, making it a viable solution for enhancing power supply and demand management.

Power battery module

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