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Power Battery Module

The Feii E-bike three-electric system has several advantages:


Emphasis on quality: From raw materials to assembly to the final product, we oversee every step in the production process to ensure higher safety and provide a traceability system. This allows consumers to trace the quality of the materials used and every production stage, providing peace of mind.


Strong internal R&D design team: Our team excels in developing and designing electric bikes with perfect synergy between the motor, controller, and power parameters such as average current and maximum output current. We fine-tune all technical parameters to create the most comfortable riding experience with smooth uphill climbs and no jerky interruptions.


Flexible business model: We offer a one-stop solution in the field of power batteries, including BMS boards, battery modules, battery packs, and the EIC system (motor + battery + controller + HMI).


From entry-level to high-end products, we offer OEM, ODM, and even tailor-made custom services to meet the diverse needs of different customers.

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