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Energy Storage System

The product of Formosa Industrial Inc., FE-1000 energy storage system is a distributed energy storage solution, mainly to improve the reliability and operation performance of the power grid.

The FE-1000 is specially developed to meet strict performance and safety standards, and can be installed in any level of power systems to provide auxiliary services.

This modular ESS solution is based on the form of an energy storage cabinet to provide a set of highly integrated energy storage, security, and monitoring functions, making it an ideal choice for various environments and applications.


​ Advantages

Upgradable and flexible

It has been fully assembled and tested when it leaves the factory, and it is said to be installed quickly and cost-effectively.

Safety Driven Design

In the optimized energy storage cabinet configuration, it has an embedded BMS and temperature control system.

High Density Energy Module

Specifically developed for multiple charge and discharge operations per day and longer system commissioning.

​Application side

Industrial grid

In response to load changes, power plants require timely adjustments to their output. The FE-1000 charges/discharges in response to changes in frequency, enabling grid operators to maintain and improve overall system stability. In addition, the distributed energy storage system provides the service functions of rotary backup, optimal optimization of power transmission, and load transfer to achieve its power peak-valley balance.

Transmission and distribution network

Microgrid and Island Grid

Alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power are subject to variable climatic conditions, which can make changes in their output power unacceptable to industrial users. The FE-1000 absorbs fluctuations in power through its fast charging/discharging capabilities, and converts its output into a new stable power output. In addition, ESS also provides the functions of power system peak regulation and black start.

In remote areas, the best way to obtain stable power may be through microgrid technology. The FE-1000 energy storage solution is suitable for installation in rural areas and islands. It can provide stable, reliable and cost-effective power when using a hybrid microgrid consisting of solar power, wind power or biomass power. Depending on local conditions, electricity storage capacity can be adjusted to capture more renewable energy.

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